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Day 10 - still having power issues

South Africa

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We woke up this morning when they started the generator and all the lights came on - they went out abruptly last night when the generator stopped. The lodge has not had electricity from the grid since before we got here. They fixed the generator but only run it sporadically. So our wake up was earlier than our early wake up call of 5:30. We were in our Jeep for our first game drive by 6:00. We saw so many animals I took notes just to remember the species. The high lites were the cheetah and giraffes but we saw over 20 species. I will list them below. The cheetah we saw was looking for his brother and was calling and calling to him with a small yelp. Our guide told us the brother had gone off with a female. We saw and heard the searching cheetah several times today. We saw so many giraffes, including a 6month old that it felt like the scene from Jurassic park where all the dinosaurs are running across the plain. After the Safari we had breakfast at 9 and then a nap until lunch at 1. We had lunch and then high tea at 3:30 before our next Safari. I don’t know if they were fattening us up for lions or what...The afternoon drive was not as successful as the morning but we did see a young male lion in a thicket of trees. For dinner we had a braai which is Afrikaans for BBQ. The route to the braai took us past a waterhole where we saw a baby hippo grazing out of the water - awesome. The road to the bbq was up a steep ravine, across a plain and down to the event. It started getting dark so the guide used a spotting flashlight to show us more game. The bbq included many local dishes like bop - kind of like smooth grits, chocka-wocka - a spicy relish, crocodile - which tasted like chewy chicken and lamb chops. The trip back was uneventful but we did hear the cheetah again! I can’t upload pictures due to the poor internet connection so I will load three days worth tomorrow. Here is the list of animals we saw today:

Weaver bird nest and male weaver
Blue gnu
Brown snake eagle
Bush pig
Guinea fowl
Blackchested snake eagle
Wide mouth rhino
Giant dung beetles
Gray go away bird (it’s call sounds like go away)
Verdant monkeys
Cheetah searching and calling for his brother. His brother had joined a female.
Jackals with babies
Baby hippo out of the water

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The giraffes were amazing!!! Our group was in 2 jeeps and when we met up for bush tea break after that everyone jumped out and said “that was amazing”. Fantastic day!

by bweimer

All I can say is WOW!!

by pat comfort

This by far has been my greatest adventure and we still have Zimbabwe and Botswana to go.... elephants!

by bweimer

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